The Brave Blonde


Come Discover a Brave New You…



Welcome to “The Brave Blonde.”

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever your story is…I welcome you. This is a safe space for women to come, learn, and transform. I invite you to be unapologetically you. For all women who are ready to RISE…this is a place for you to transform into the highest version of who you really are. I invite all women who are ready to tap into your inner bravery, love yourself and lose the judgement. This is a place for healing, growing, and confronting with honesty the things that hold you back - and letting them go for good.

So ask yourself…what are you wanting? Who are you wanting to transform into? What are you ready to heal from?

Let’s rise together. Let’s love one another. Let’s be brave.


Live my life a little…

Click on MY STORY to learn a little bit more about me. You can browse my family folder…and check out my cute baby girl! Bravery is my middle name - learn about some obstacle I’ve had to overcome in my life, and why I am passionate about helping you do the same.

Get one on one support from yours truly…

Need more? It’s okay I am here to help! Locate my coaching tab to learn ways you can work with me personally. While you’re there, browse my self care tips and check out my favorite meditations! This is all for YOU to become YOUR BEST SELF. It’s time to be brave and dive in!

Read what’s on my mind…

To get the latest updates, new thoughts, and discoveries check out my blog. Here you will learn key stepping stones, knowledge, and support to help you enter your life apologetically the real and beautiful you. Where ever you are in your life, it is my promise to you that you will transform after being being here. So stick around for awhile!


Heal and learn to love you.

We all have a story to tell…hard things we have had to overcome…and dreams we are trying to catch. Learn to face your fears, get out of your own way, and become empowered to live your greatest life.


Spiritual mentor and life coaching…

Throughout my journey there are many battles I have had to bravely face and overcome. With over a decade of research and personal testimonies behind me, my goal is to offer YOU to sit in the space you deserve. Every person deserves to live as their greatest selves. It is when we learn to lift each other up we too rise.


Explore The Universe

It is my soul’s promise to all my sisters to teach the knowledge of the universal laws - secrets of this life I believe we are ALL entitled to have and to understand. If you are here…let your journey begin unfolding in a way you never thought possible before. Allow the power of the universe to work through you…transforming your very life.


Universal power

We are ALL powerful beings here to rise closer toward love by learning and growing. I believe in the Universal laws that structure the path and show us the way. Using numerology, the seven hermetic principles, and universal basic principles, I encourage you to explore a deeper meaning of this thing called life.


Reserve Your Personal coaching session.

There is a lot to know about the universe, who we are, and why we are here. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult for us to find direction and let go of past beliefs systems. By using research regarding quantum physics, epigenetics, through my guidance - my promise to you is that you will come out transformed.