Why I created The Brave Blonde

Welcome to my tribe! The Brave Blonde was created as my creative project to build a place for women to be able to authentically come in as yourself…and leave transformed as a brand new supported version of you.

It is my belief that as women we are torn down daily, we are unnecessarily self-critical, judgmental toward others (including ourselves), and are just not in the space we deserve to be honored in. The woman is a brave loving soul that was chosen here on earth to perform the highest miracle possible - to give life. So why have we allowed ourselves to get wrapped up in self doubts, inner criticisms, outer judgments and internal neglect? We should be treated like queens - not out of royalty but out of loving grace. Every woman deserves to rise in her highest light and truest power. No matter where you are in life right now - you deserve a life that resembles the miracle worker that you are.

I decided to create The Brave Blonde as a creative, thought-provoking, trustworthy place for women everywhere to gather, learn, and grow. My intention is for every woman that graces its pages to gain self-confidence and learn to perform miracles daily.

If you are here, you are beyond welcomed. There is no judgment here for you so come as you are. Let’s move through the negative belief systems that have held us down for too long and grow together into the wildest parts of our hearts that deserve to finally be set free.

To all of you…you are loved, you are protected, you are safe, and you are perfect just as you are in this space in time. Bring your honesty, integrity, and magical self along for the ride. We are here to become game changers, life transformers, and embrace the support the Universe offers us daily.

May you be wild, may you be free, may you find your heart’s desire and let who you truly are out into this world. Your light is bright, it’s time to let it shine.

Much Love,