Finding a spiritual connection - my personal journey

Finding a spiritual connection.

My journey inward - discovering life with my guardians.

Learning to work with my Guardians has been a long journey.

In the beginning stages of my life - let’s say the first 30 years of it, I remember often feeling alone.  Like I had to attack the world and go at it in order to stay above water. I felt like hustle was my middle name and surviving was my way of life.

Everything I did to try to achieve greatness was hard and took a long time.  It was like no matter how many hours I put in or how hard I worked - little pay was coming out of it.  I was growing at the speed of a turtle compared to the vast potential we are all capable of.

It wasn’t until after I had my daughter - that’s when things began to change.  I had a new awakening. A new opening inside of myself occurred. All of sudden I was being directed, and downloaded information that I could barely handle and all at the speed of light.  

I will never forget my first 3 months home with my daughter.  I hadn’t painted in years and I all of a sudden was painting every day.  I had one painting done weekly. It’s like the creative energy just started to flow out of me at an unstoppable rate.  I was being delivered information. People, teachers of the world that I never would have found just started showing up in my search engine.  I was led daily to uncover information and secrets of the world to the point to where I had to stop and say to myself...what are we all doing here?  We are all living so wrong compared to how we could be.

I felt frustrated at first.  Blasphemy. How could this be?  How is this knowing a kept secret from all?  The world deserves to know the information I have been guided to.  That is when my mission began.

So all the research I did previously just got pushed on hyper speed into a direction that allowed the unfolding to all make sense to me.  Each path and each road is different for every human...but for me in my story. Well let’s just say it was my time.

That’s when crazy things started happening.

I had always had a weird connection to the other side that I never really understood.  I felt it made me different. But not in the way that most people wanted to know about.  I would have information downloaded to me that I would have no way of knowing otherwise. I could be around a person, hear them speak for all of 2 minutes and then I could know so much about who they are and what there issues are.  I have always had this unique ability to look at someone and know their truth - not what they ate for lunch last Saturday - but their core truth. Sometimes I would be able to connect to passed loved ones - and each experience was always so different but the message was always the same.  Be present as it is all we have and learn unconditional love because you are joy and abundance. Live that way.

When my mom was in the hospital with a coma I saw my Uncle (whom had passed away 1 year prior) standing next to her.  He literally did not leave her side. The whole time. It was to my surprise years later when my mom shared this “BIG” secret with me...she said that my Uncle Mike had told her that it wasn’t her time and that her kids needed her.  I almost choked on my lunch. I said, “Mom, I SAW Uncle Mike standing over you. It’s written in my journal.” She broke into tears. She knew it was truth, that my Uncle was there watching over her.

Strange encounters happened frequently - but with my new found knowledge I was finally able to do something about it. And…at 33 years old…it’s hard to care anymore what others think of me considering all that I have been through in my life.

The truth is…we all have an inner power. A deeper knowing that this world holds. We just have to tap into it. Spirit guides are with us always.  I went from feeling alone to feeling like I had a spiritual army at my side every day.  I just began to know that they are there, always. I learned how to tap into the larger forces from above and ask for guidance daily. I received so many downloads in 2018 - and even built a business based from it :).

This life isn’t what we think of it to be.  This life is peaceful, it is beautiful, and it is meant to be enjoyed and lived through the heart.  Somewhere along the lines we became susceptible to the negative programming, the new found belief systems that was based from fear alone.  We are afraid of love, afraid of wholeness, afraid of minimalism, afraid of the very things that keep us happy to our core. We have been led to believe on earth that materialism gives us power and that the weak can suffer so long as we don't look and face them in the eyes.  

We have turned a blind eye so many times that we now as a whole suffer everyday. Through our thoughts of anxiety, fear, disappearing and disillusioning ourselves into the mindless addictive patterns and activities that keep our awakening at bay.

The hours mindlessly scrolling on computers and phones, the sex, drugs, pills, social media expectations, and music that belittle to the very core our divine god essence.  We came here to grow and we decided to play instead -while irresponsibly leaving mass destruction, murder, and pain to our victories along the way. We have forgotten who we are. It is time now that we begin to remember. We are not subject to our outside forces, or the outside unseen world. Our world lives inside of each of us as each of you live inside the universe which makes one whole. Our cells create our wholeness just as we create the wholeness of this earth.  We destroy our cells, murdering our insides slowly while accepting our self destruction. This is not a game of war - this is the land of peace and we have forgotten who we are. We fight over everything because we do not know who we really are. To live with love is to live for all - not to live through or for oneself. It is the self that got us into this mess and it is the self - the self is the only way out.

We have to start as individuals, healing from the inside and learning to reconnect to our divine essences within. That could mean god to you, the universe, Buddha, angels.  When we heal inside ourselves, we heal our brothers, sisters, family, friends, and children.. We are creatures of habit and that habit has become dark. The light is within each of us but we have to put down our distractions in order to see.

So on the road or journey to self discovery or self transformation - the reconnection to what is truth and unconditional love are the foundational stepping stones to real improvement. By working through the wieghts that hold you down, and reconnecting to your wholeness….that is when themiracles begin to unfold.

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Much Love,

Samantha Lynn


Samantha Lynn