This one's for the rebels, the outcasts, the ones who always knew they were different inside.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about saying, “Dear society, you’re doing it wrong.”

My entire life I have always felt like I was different from everyone else. I used to think when I was younger that I was a bit on the rebellious side - not in a “rebel without a cause” sort of way but more in a “f@*! the system if the system sucks” kind of way. I just have never went with the crowd for the sake of being accepted. I was often a loner with one or two really close friends searching for what this thing called life really is.

I partially think it’s because I was trying to figure out who I actually was for so long - trying to find my own securities since the home I grew up in didn’t necessarily give me any.

I have always seen a lot of faults in society and in the ways we live and have often kept myself on the side lines wondering why everyone is following the other if no one is really actually “nailing” this thing called life. I always liked myself in that way - but it can also cause some separation at times, too.

What it has done for me in my adulthood, is that it has given me a bit of an edge on my philosophies in life, the things I research and take interest in, and also in the ways I choose to live in general. I have discovered a deeper meaning in why we are here and have dedicated my life to living it the way I feel we were intended to when we first arrived here. After all, we didn’t sign up for what most of us are now accepting as “living.” Life is an ongoing learning process, hands down - but it IS meant to be more of an enjoyable ride. That I know for sure.

I enjoy freedom thinkers mainly because I am one. I quite enjoy a good solid discussion on psychological behavioral patterns vs. the old “How’s work?” talk. My friends have always thought in some form or another that I was odd in that way. Yes, I am the person that will pull up to your driveway blasting classical music or a podcast before a “crazy night on the town.” (If that’s what you want to call my nights.) Truthfully, I would rather be more of a freedom thinker than lose myself just to curtail who I am - only to mask myself further into society instead of into my own truth.

That’s a lot to swallow, I know.

I don’t watch T.V. (at all). I go outside every second I can because I prefer it. I meditate often and read and research a lot. I speak my opinion and I always stick up for my values. In this blog, this web page, and in everything related to me what you will get is the 100% truth that I have found myself on my own journey - I am always learning and always growing and I wish to share my journey with you.

My hope is that the information I choose to put out there you find interesting and rather special…but I will let you be the judge of that. As long as it gets you thinking…we both have won.

So to the rebels, the outcasts, the ones that never seemed to “fit in” because you always stood out anyway…I encourage you to be you. No one is like you and that’s okay. It’s good to add a little spice to life, and freedom thinkers or those who live “out of the box” are needed in this lifetime. I hope this inspires you to chase your heart and follow your own lead and may others be inspired when you do. You are the strong ones - the ones that can shake up society and make the people in this world contemplate life a little deeper. May you keep on keepin’ on and influence all who cross your path.

Love ya’,


Samantha Lynn