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Did you know that more women today, more then ever before - are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, self esteem issues, and are living a fear lead reality?

In my career, and life I have come to realize that 9 out of 10 women are struggling significantly with stress and anxiety, so much so - that we think it’s a normal way of living. I have also come to realize that more women today then men are struggling with depression - sometimes even secretly.

That was me. For a good majority of my life, I fluctuated from anxiety, suffered from sever self doubt, had NO idea what it meant to value myself, and led every moment of my life through fear with out even realizing it.

What was the cause? Childhood trauma that went unaddressed for years. As it turns out, through my 15+ years of research, I have come to realize that almost every living human today has experiences some form of trauma. And I use ALMOST with hesitation - because in my personal opinion I believe it to be all.

What was the outcome? As an adult (with out even realizing it) I was living a life that I wasn’t in love with. I was living a life for a very long time that I settled for and thought I was supposed to be living. I was working 70 hours a week slaving away to climb a corporate latter - for reasons I don’t even know. My only moments of joy were the times I escaped from my everyday reality - whether it be with my friends, vacation, or even a movie I could get lost in. I ended up binge eating. I chose relationships that were toxic because I didn’t understand what it meant to love myself first - so I attracted men that didn’t know how to love me. My relationships were rocky - even my friendships. I was always stressed, having anxiety attacks, and aggressively working out to try to let the steam go. Running from my problems was a literal thing for me.

Whatever the result may be - the fact is - that we are as women NOT living life as our most powerful, loving, and nurturing selves. We are confused, lost, unhappy, and taking it out on the world around us.

What if it didn’t have to be that way for you?…

What if you could live life filled with more laughter, ease, joyful self expression, and self love?

For the past 6 months I have taken on an incredible project that has turned out to be more then I originally anticipated. The reason? I have to help others. Why? I found a way to help myself after 15 grueling years of research, trial and error. I don’t believe that anyone should ever have to feel the painful things that I have had to experience in my life. I have undoubtedly struggled for one soul purpose. To help women stop suffering themselves. There IS a way out.

It is not easy, it takes discipline, but there is a way out.

What’s on the other end? PEACE. Can I get a Hallelujah!!! Listen, remember I said to you I have, for 15 years, experienced my own hardship, trial and error? Well, I had a choice to move passed it or stay in it. Yes, I have tried just “thinking positive” and “believing things into my life.” While manifesting is a real thing - there is more to it then just visualizing and pretending. The truth is…when what is lying underneath the surface is ugly - you will have a hard time achieving the good stuff on the outside.

So why am I telling you this?

Very shortly I will be releasing a 12 week course to help you better your life and turn it into a more desirable situation. I believe that every women has the power and potential to stand and rise to her highest self - and it is my souls purpose to allow you the path to help you find a way.


Here is some information FOR FREE! WHY? Just re-read the statement above. EVERY WOMEN DESERVES TO FEEL LOVED, SAFE, SECURE, HAPPY, and FREE. EVERY. ONE.

Look…I have been there, done that, felt that, and experienced it all. I know there is a way through the mundane life and with a road map to magnificent, you too can find a way to peace and joy. This is my promise to you. You have my word.


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Much Love,

Samantha Lynn