Why I love CBD oil

My secret weapon is not so secret anymore.

I know you have heard the hype and if you were still curious the answer is yes…CBD oil REALLY does work, if you get your hands on the right kind.

First let me start by debunking some myths about CBD (also known as cannabidoil).

Myth #1) CBD is not marijuana.

Myth #2) You don’t get high when you use CBD.

Myth #3) It is NOT illegal in your state, or to use, unless you use a brand that is operating illegally.

Myth #4) CBD is not marijuana, you do not get high from it, and it is not illegal unless you are working with a brand that is not legal.

Wheeew…okay. I hope I made that clear. Here’s the truth. For most of my entire adult life I have been very against drugs. Yes, I dabbled in high school. That was it. Since then, I don’t even take prescription drugs. I have been as all-natural as you can get since I was in my early 20’s. My dad was an alcoholic that struggled with drug addiction until the day he passed away. With that in my background, it was easy for me to not be a fan of any kind of drug.

I know what you are thinking. How did I get into CBD then?

During the beginning of 2018, I had to mentally survive through postpartum depression and P.T.S.D from past childhood trauma at the SAME TIME I was working my corporate career and balancing my relationship. Did I mention I was learning how to be a new mom too? Needless to say, it was too much to handle and I ended up having not one but several nervous breakdowns. So, I had to do something. I knew two things for sure. One, I was not going to take prescription medications, and two, I had to make a change for my daughter and my sanity, Thankfully a dear friend of mine had a holistic solution that was just what I was looking for.

With that said, my ongoing research on this thing called CBD began. Honestly, the more I read the more I was blown away. I had been so stubborn in not even wanted to learn more regarding anything that had to do with a drug, but after doing a lot of research I quickly realized how wrong I had been. I also missed out on some incredible health benefits that I wouldn’t have known existed otherwise.


Need a holistic solution? See below…


Kannaway CBD Pure Gold.

This is actually what I have been personally taking for months, and it is my absolute favorite. I love it because it seems to work instantly with the way it is ingested and because I can customize the dose based on what I learned worked best for me by listening to my body. Pure Gold is also THC free - for those of you who might prefer this. I am still nursing my daughter so this was very important to me to make sure that what I was taking in couldn’t harm her in anyway. (Tip: I also found in my research that cannabinoids are found naturally in breast milk and help with child cognitive development.)

Pure Gold is also combined with a medium-chain triglyceride oil that is sustainably sourced from coconut and palm oils to create a shelf-stable liquid that is safe for use by your entire family. Also major bonus - the entire brand goes above and beyond expectations making sure that even the soil used to grow it have zero pesticides, heavy metals, or chemicals. You can rest assured that it is a triple-lab-tested, no BS company that gets it done right.


Pure CBD capsules.

When I first started CBD I tried the pure capsules because it was simple, easy, and THC-free. I loved them right away and noticed a difference when I did not take them. The capsules made it easy for me because I didn’t have to worry about measuring anything out. I just added them to my daily vitamin routine and that was that. The only reason why I changed to the Pure Gold oil is because I actually wanted to increase my dose just a bit. The oil allowed me customization. That was it.


Kannaway Vape.

For those of you that prefer a vape option Kannaway has a great vape pen for you to still get all of the incredible benefits. One of my best friends uses this as a preference because she can take it as she needs it on the go with her 2 little ones. It’s easy to transport and easy to refill.

I did try my friends vape pen and I can tell you it got rid of my headache with in a few minutes. Although this isn’t my personal preference - I do recommend this one hands down!


The Kannaway Brand…

Kannaway is my favorite brand of CBD that is currently offered on the market because it is an industry leader with HUGE credibility. From planting there first hemp fields to establishing triple lab testing to developing the first THC products, Kannaway has been perfecting their CBD pipeline to bring only the safest, highest quality products to families all across the world.

Not only that, but Kannaway has tested over 3,000 cultivars of hemp before settling on the one that would thrive on their chosen European farms where Kannaway’s crops are safely grown. I love feeling secure knowing that Kannaway oil is carefully crafted with ingredients like essential botanical oils, almond oil, coconut oil, and sustainable beeswax.

Don’t worry Mommies - it’s safe!

Kannaway hemp is grown free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Kannaway’s triple lab testing ensures all products are free of mold, mildew, fungus, yeast, E. Coli, salmonella, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. High five Kannaway! That makes an all natural girl proud!

The consistency in the monitoring of every product from seed to packaging allows complete consistency in the safety and potency of EVERY single bottle.  Need I say more. As a nursing mom myself, these are just a few short brief reasons why I love this brand and take it daily myself. If you want to learn more about my preferred CBD line, just click the link below!

How can CBD help you…

CBD oil can be wonderful solution to the following problems:

Lack of general well being







Antibiotic resistance






Mad cow disease


Metabolic syndrome


Mood disorder

Motion sickness

Multiple sclerosis

Skin conditions

Sleep disorders

Spinal injury


Endocrine disorder



Heart disease



Irritable bowel

Kidney disease

Liver disease


Neoropathic pain








Bipolar disorder