My Family

Becoming a mommy

January 8th of 2018, I was blessed with the greatest miracle. My little baby girl (also known as nugget, nug-pies, bug, chunky monkey, and Ms. Rose) is the most joyful expression of love I have ever seen. I profoundly enjoy being a mother. Probably more than normal.

My daughter is my everything and I would give up anything just to make sure she is happy. Every day I work to make sure I am not only taking care of my baby, but my self-improvement journey has skyrocketed since she came around. I know that in order to be in the best service to her, I need to evoke the highest form of myself. Every move I make, I do it for her. I have learned so much in the short time I have become a mother and I hope to continue to share the journey with all of you .

I am proud to say that to date, my little girl now laughs on purpose (and mischievously too), stands SO well, crawls at the speed of light, loves people (especially little kids), snuggles her stuffed animals for fun just because she loves them, and also tries to pull a fast one on me daily by playing with something she shouldn’t have (and then giggling about it)…unless of course I catch her and call her name out in which case she drops all evidence and runs. She is growing up so fast, and brings us laughter and joy every day. I love watching her grow and change right before our eyes.

What kind of mom am I? I like to research…a lot. I’d say it’s safe to say I am a research hound. But above all else, I trust my intuition first and research based off of what I already know in my gut is right. Danny and I have made some pretty big decisions that started out as “mother’s intuition.” I am also proud to say I am a vegan mommy (yes my baby is healthy, chunky, strong, and gets a LOT of nutrients), a holistic mommy (only organic and all natural in my house), and also a nurturing mother…I co-sleep and yes I rock my baby to bed. Oh boy! Watch out world….

The truth is, what I learned about being a mother is that there is a thousand different ways to do just about everything and no matter how much you want to do everything perfectly right you’re just not going to - and your kid is not going to be perfect either. That’s that. I don’t know it all - I don’t think any mother does. If someone is telling you they do…run. I believe that mothering should be all in what you think and feel is best - trust your instincts, do your research, and above all else trust yourself.

Every mom deserves to be spoiled and treated like the hard worker she is. To me, being a mother is the greatest job of all time.


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