Universal Law

Trusting the Universe

Living a co-creative life.


I wish I could tell you the exact path I took step by step in what led me to understand the importance of trusting in the Universe…and also what allowed me to follow through with it.

Like all life experiences, there just is no straight line. Nor is there one pathway that resembles another. What I can tell you is this. My journey was long; it was hard…and it is still going.

One thing I know for sure - the unfolding of life is a LOT better when you can connect to the Universe and listen to it.

My life for a very long time was HARD, Everything seemed to be a struggle and I had to put blood, sweat and tears into outcomes that never went my way anyway. I was fighting life and blocking out the guidance from the Universal connections we all have access to at our fingertips.

It was my last nervous breakdown that made me say, “F@*! it. I am obviously NOT in control so I surrender. Now and for good. I haven’t been able to do this my way anyway without almost drowning. There has got to be a better way of living this thing called life.” So then…I surrendered. I connected to my higher consciousness and I sat still. It was then that I was able to see for the first time in a long time. When you are in the stillness of life you can here the whispers of it.

The result. The Universe works in mysterious and incredible ways. My life is changing and changing fast, Don’t get me wrong…I am still in the learning process. I think we all are and always will be. But I am finally flowing with the Universal consciousness and it feels good. I am guided. I am protected. I am in love with my co-creative life.

So how can I help you do the same? I put together some steps that may guide you, but keep in mind that these are suggestions and I would ask all of you to take your own journey into your own hands. What may work for one may not work for another.

Learning to trust the Universe…

Step #1. Meditate. You have to learn to get still in order to move forward fast. The Universe whispers, it doesn’t shout. You have to quiet the mind in order to rise from it. Let the ego fade and trust that you will be guided. There are so many ways you can do this but I do suggest meditating on a daily basis. If you have a busy mind, that’s okay. Everyone starts somewhere. And no, you don’t have to be a pro in order to reap benefits from meditating. I suggest using a meditation audio guide to keep your mind on track. If you’ve done it before you can always listen with your favorite tunes to stay in the flow.

You can check out my meditation page here:

Step #2. Use your creativity. You have to work your right brain in order to get in the flow of the ever-changing and very creative Universal. If you are an artist, paint. If you love photography, start capturing with your camera. If you aren’t very artsy - that’s okay. You can use your journal to tell a creative story, or even dive into a book that allows your mind to create pictures out of the words on the page. There are SO many ways to work your right brain. You have to just make time for it. So get dedicated, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day.

Step #3. Breathe in some fresh nature. Use your breathing to connect and stay grounded in the most connected place you can go. Mother Earth. There is SO MUCH wisdom in nature. Walking barefoot in the grass after a problem has arisen in your life can all of a sudden give you clarity on solutions you wouldn’t have thought otherwise. Pay attention to what’s around you. Take the time to open your eyes.

Step #4. Live presently. This sounds like you have heard it before…I know it. I am here to tell you it’s true. It’s also the HARDEST thing for us as humans to do on a consistent basis. The more you live in the present moment the more you are trusting in the Universe that it truly does have your back and will guide you to the fastest possible outcome to your best life. From my own personal experience, I found I was most successful when I wasn’t hard on myself about it, but made an active effort to try everyday to think about living in the moment I am at right now. The more you utilize this in your practice the easier it does get. This doesn’t mean we must neglect our responsibilities or just live carefree with no plans and or preparation for the future. What it does means is that if you are working on your calendar for the week…work on your calendar for the week. Don’t let your mind stray onto other things. Feel the pages of your calendar. pay attention to the way the pen flows onto the paper. Look at the notes you took in your binder. Pay attention. It’s that simple.

Step #5. Practice your intuitive side. This one is fun because it allows you to build trust in yourself. You can practice by feeling out a certain situation and then taking note on the outcome. If you were off, try meditating before you try to predict something that could happen in any given scenario then check your work again. Were you right this time? You do learn to build more trust in your gut when you start to keep track of how often you are right. When you trust, you flow.

Step #6. Try not to question the outcome of what’s happening. It can be hard sometimes. But instead, remind yourself of all of the times you wanted your life to unfold in a certain way but you didn’t know what it would bring you down the road. In looking back you realized…”I’m so glad I didn’t take that path!” I laugh at how many blessings happened when I thought my world was crumbling. Don’t doubt the unfolding. Trust there is something bigger coming your way and look instead for the reasons why your current outcome is actually a good thing.

Step #7. Walk in gratitude. Especially when you are shown the way. There is nothing more that keeps you floating in the miracles that are supposed to unfold for you then making sure you are grateful everyday. I thank my guides and guardians that show me the way daily. Miracles are natural. I practice writing in a gratitude journal daily to keep me on track. Gratitude is like unlocking the door so the Universe can come in to assist you.

Step #8. Ask for help. I don’t mean beg, I don’t mean to pray as though you are lacking everything you are needing right now. I mean ask for help and be thankful for the assistance. (See Step #7.) When you are in a space of gratitude by thanking the Universe for the answer you allow it to come to you and you put yourself in a place to hear the message. I think we were led to believe that asking the Universe (God or whatever you choose to call it) looks more like getting on your knees and begging as though we are helpless and have nothing. It is just the opposite. In the space of knowing we are calm, patient, and still. To be grateful for the answer you are seeking while you are asking for it is to receive the answer you need.

So there you have it!

As it turns out…the Universe really does have your back. I guess you are not alone in this after all! So…what are you waiting for! It’s time to tap into the eternal you that is here to guide you and bring you toward your best life. When one rises, we all rise. May you all learn to trust the Universe inside of you and allow the guidance you have to lead you toward living your best life.

Much Love,