My favorite Guided Meditations

There is power in being still and quieting your mind. There, you are able to hear the Universe whisper to you the guidance that you are seeking, the knowledge you are trying to acquire, and the state of mind that you desire most. All of these lead toward your true life’s desire, awakening the true power that lives inside of you. My intention in sharing these meditations is that they transform your life when used in a consistent practice every day. May each meditation bring you joy, peace, and closer to love.


Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad

Meditate to expand your intuition. This meditation is extremely powerful and I do suggest that after practicing to this soundtrack you check your intentions and your thoughts for the day to be directed only toward compassion and love for all.


Manifesting Meditation

Guide yourself toward opening your life to manifest your desires with Gabrielle Bernstein. This meditation takes you through the emotions we are often chasing when we are wanting something. We can remind ourselves that it is not the desire unfolding that we wish to accomplish, but the feeling of having of it that matters most.


I AM affirmations

Regain your self-confidence by affirming who you are and remembering your true power. Jason Stephenson guides you through the most powerful I AM statements, gently re-correcting your mindset into a positive place. Break free from your negative self-talk and regain your self love and inner confidance every day.

The science behind meditation…

Okay…I am going to nerd out on you for a second. Meditation is near and dear to my heart and there is a lot more to it then what meets the eye. There is true science behind the phenomena of meditating regularly. It’s truly incredible how it can impact your mood, your life, and even your neurological connections….

Tip #1) Meditating boosts your health. Literally. Regular meditation will increase your immune system and decrease your pain and inflammation at a cellular level.

Tip #2) It boosts your happiness by increasing your positive emotions, naturally decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress.

Tip #3) Meditating regularly can boost your social life by increasing your social and emotional intelligence. It also allows you to feel more compassionate and less lonely.

Tip #4) Mediation increases your self-control, allows you to regulate your emotions, and also improves your the ability to introspect.

Tip #5) Lacking grey matter? You can increase your brain’s grey matter as well as increase the cortical thickness in areas of your brain related to paying attention.

Tip #6) Meditating significantly improves productivity, memory, focus, multi-tasking capabilities, creativity, and your ability to “think outside the box.”

Tip #7) Meditation can make you a wise person. It gives you perspective, allows you to observe your mind and clear out unnecessary thought patterns.

Tip #8) Meditating also improves the decision-making centers of your brain, allowing you to be more precise and clear when making choices.

Plus..meditating just makes you feel better. When you are able to stop your mind from running on autopilot you allow your ego to subside and your true consciousness to emerge just a little bit more. You are more likely to enter into the FLOW state of life, allowing room for more manifestations to occur and miracles to become normal.

I am 100% a different person when I meditate versus when I don’t. So I hope you take these tips and start implementing a regular meditation practice into your life today. Don’t worry if you can’t quiet your mind at first…and there is no “wrong way” to mediate. Just let go and open your heart. Let thoughts pass if they enter your mind and just hold yourself in meditation for just a little bit. It is my guarantee that you will feel a difference in your mind and body, and that you will begin to show up for life differently because of it.

Much Love,