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peaceful still

I started working on this project through a time in my life I had to really push through some stuff I was holding onto. The reason behind Peaceful Still was to stay calm through the chaos.

My most calm memories are in the stillness of the snowy falls winter brings early on. There is something serene, peaceful, and also strong in the white snowfall.

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During one of my rising moments, I decided to listen to a beautiful podcast by Marianne Williamson. She spoke about the universal flow of life and how once we tap into it we tap into the powers beyond our imagination. Like the acorn naturally grows into an oak tree…it doesn’t try to transform. The acorn flows with the knowledge of the universe and allows the unfolding.


Commission project

This project was a custom fit creation. The request was for a gift that was more then just another thing to add to shelf…but instead something that could be resourceful, useful, and gave back. Together we collaborated and I designed a a custom made card collection to offer as holiday gifts for close friends and family.

In the collection I created a “Thank you” card, “Let’s celebrate” card, and a “With love” card that the recipients can use on the occasion of there choice. The cards were packed up and tied together with a beautiful name tag attached by ribbon.

*All commissions are requested via email and are approved based on project and time frame.